Spontaneous Body Stories

Somatic movement to find your patterns and blocks. Using Family Constellation work, you create a scene from your discoveries.  

 This series of five workshops is designed to open up new pathways of expression through the body to allow your subconscious stories to emerge.

For the first half of the workshop you will explore a range of somatic practices to connect deeply with your body:

You will explore the rich array of your subtle body sensations to cultivate presence and awareness. 

You will explore movement with a focus on tracking the natural impulses in your body to allow these to guide you into an organic continuum — one that is not actively controlled by your mind but emerges from the depth of your unconscious. A practice that will deeply unwind your body’s fascia and nervous system and allow you to tap out of repetitive movement patterns and conditionings. 

You will learn how to trigger a very spontaneous quality of movement in the body in order to release deeply held tensions.

We will look at qualities of stillness, gestures and the atmospheres that are evoked through our journeys in movement.

You will explore touch and connection with others from a deeply embodied presence.

You will practice listening, in silence, through your presence and touch.

In the second half of the workshop, you will take a story that emerges from this movement, and recreate it outside of yourself using the people in the group to represent the  people and situations in your story,   When these parts of yourself talk to each other, a new perspective is gained, releasing blocks that had been hidden to you.

About the Facilitators

Steve Karle

Steve is German/Mexican who spent half of his childhood in Baja California, though he has lived most of his life in London. He’s a Somatic Therapist and Educator with 13 years’ experience specializing in spontaneous movement both in and out of water.   He studied music and drama professionally in Cuba, Italy, including a postgrad at LAMDA in London.   But his career was cut short after the trauma of a serious accident, which eventually got him doing somatic therapy.  He has led retreats and given practitioner certifications throughout Europe and parts of Asia.

Marcella Magdaleno

Author of several books and facilitator in family constellations at the Berth Hellinger school.  She is currently writing a book about the history and people of Todos Santos.

$2000 pesos

5 sessions on Tuesdays from 1:30-3:30pm starting May 4th

At Teatro Luna Azul

RSVP – teatrolunaazulbaja@gmail.com

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