Spontaneous Body Stories

New Dates! Begins Thursday May 4th

1:30pm to 3:30pm.

Five Sessons, Finishes June 1st.

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath

The Peace Train Project

The Peace Train Project

Facebook Post Puppet WS

Every Friday in May

1st Session:  Story Telling and Puppet Manipulation:
– Bring stories, pull out the characters
– puppet archetypal characters
– character study
– basic manipulation skills

2nd Session:   Script Writing:
– From the story chosen, develop the story into a script
– learn the basics of script writing.

3rd Session:  Puppet Making:
Decide on Characters and start making the puppets
(Bill & Isabel will also make a puppet based on characters needed.  You can have others in the group be part of your puppet play too.)

4th Session:  Acting Out Scenes:
Get the characters of each ‘play’  together, to act out scenes.
refine the script, add and delete as necessary

5th Session:  Final Prep:
– make set pieces, rehearse vignettes, ready for performance

Saturday May 25 – Show for friends and community

Total Cost, including materials for puppets:   950 pesos


Improv Class.png

Improv Rule #4:

There are no mistakes,

only opportunities!

Join our improv group to explore this basic principle of improvising theater.  Starts Friday April 5th.

April 5,12,19 & 26


Teatro Luna Azul

400 pesos for 4 sessions, or 150 pesos/session




Improv open curtain

A 6 week series of performance workshops culminating in a final performance for friends, family, and the community. We’ll touch on acting, singing, dance, comedy, improv, poetry, storytelling…….let’s find your special talent and help you SHINE live on stage!

Adult Workshops begin Wednesday, Jan. 9, to Feb. 13

Kids Workshops (8yrs+) begin Saturday, Jan. 5 to Feb. 9

Six Weeks, both Workshops from 1pm to 4pm.

Rehearsal Friday February 15,

Culminating in a Show on Saturday February 16/19

Cost: 1200 pesos per person

Confirm your place at



Break thru the shell!  Join in the laughs.

Taught by New York trained actor William Landon.

Everyone Welcome!

Improv 2018

Do you have a story you’d like to tell?

It could be a story that you made up, or a story you heard somewhere else.   It can be about real events, or a classic story from the past.

Woman in Africa

You may not think you are a writer – or you may be an incredible writer.  Either way,  the skills it takes to create a compelling story and turn it into a play – are different.

And can all be learned at any age!

My name is Isabel Smyth and I am the Artistic Director at Teatro Luna Azul.    I’ve been writing and adapting plays for almost 40 years, and I have some very useful techniques that I can share with you, to bring your story to life, and write it into a play.

And this can be done with relative ease in a reasonable amount of time.

And it can be done online – so you never have to leave your home. You can be in any city, town or country to participate, on your own time.

Here’s the plan:

Phase 1:

We start in the beginning of September and work on your story for a few weeks. You bring your idea to the table (or the computer) and we will work that story out till you have something that can be developed. I will bring suggestions and exercises for you to do with your story idea, to help you flesh it out, and read your story to give feedback and suggestions to make it work.

Phase 2:

For the next few weeks, I will take you through a series of steps that will help you turn your story into a script for the stage. This can be a short theatrical piece or a full length play – what ever you decide to write.

This will lead to:

Phase 3:

Where we will do readings of the plays at the theater. This is invaluable for any writer, to get feedback from an audience who will be very supportive of your work. We will put together the ‘readers’ of your play and you will get to hear it out loud yourself.

Write on line

The cost of this 6 week online course is $90us (or similar in pesos).  You can pay through paypal at

We start on Monday September 3rd, and will run to the week of Friday October 13/18. (This is the writing part of the course. The stage readings will be done sometime during the season of 2018/19 at Teatro Luna Azul.)

For more info  and options contact us at



Special Improv Sessions/ 2018

Solstice 2017 cast (2)

Join us for this special workshop at Teatro Luna Azul

With New York classically trained actor William Landon. 

The best way to learn is through play. 

Develop new skills and have fun! 

Four sessions beginning Tuesday March 27, 4:30pm -6pm.


Performance Workshop

at Teatro Luna Azul

Improvisation & Comedy, Singing and Songwriting,

Theater Games, Dance & Movement, Variety Acts.

Expand…Experiment…Develop Creativity…

Culminates in a live performance at the theater!

                                            February 23rd to February 26/17

Workshop Dates: 

Every Tuesday from January 17 to February 21. 3-5pm 

Cost: 150 pesos/session or 600 pesos for all 6 sessions

Special Kids Workshop – 

Every Saturday from January 14 to February 18.  2-4pm

Contact to confirm.



Workshops at Teatro Luna Azul 

 A variety of workshops  have been held  at Teatro Luna Azul, including Acting and Improv, Song Writing, Cooking Classes, Mask Making, Clowning,  and Kundalini Yoga.   Check our Calendar of  Events for this season’s offerings.

How to Cook with a Solar Oven

Saturday November 3rd/2014, 10 am

Cooking with the sun!

Learn the tricks to cooking with the sun.  Hosted by Bolo, former owner of a very succsesful vegetarian restaurant in Santa Cruz, and Mercy, musician and mother who between them have over 30 years experience cooking with solar ovens.  They have great info to share on this unique way to cook your food.  You don’t need a solar oven to take the workshop.  Cost: 150 pesos includes a solar cooked meal at the end of the workshop.

Wood Fired Oven Workshop  

Tuesday Nov. 13, Wednesday Nov. 14/2014, Thursday Nov. 15

Cook bread, pizza and meats.

Learn how to make a long lasting refractory brick oven for cooking bread, pizza and meat with wood.  This workshop will be done over three mornings, from 10-12pm.  You will learn how to make the inner working part of the oven, the outside can be done in many different ways, and will be up for discussion and recommendations for the oven you wish to build.  You will go home with a design and working knowledge of how to build your own inner oven.  You can also place an order to purchase the bricks pre cut for your oven.     Cost:  1100 pesos

To hold your space at a workshop, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking.  The balance is due before the workshop begins.

Host a Workshop

If you would like to host a workshop here, Teatro Luna Azul is a beautiful location with a variety of unique spaces to choose from. 
There is an enclosed workshop room in the Round House that seats up to 15 people for a more intimate atmosphere.   If you have a video or slide show, there is a 42″ screen to show on.

Inside or on top of the world

Upstairs, also a round room under a Palapa roof, ideal for warm balmy days, seating encircles the space for up to 30 people.  The center of the room can either be seating on cushions on the floor or on chairs.
The outdoor garden space can be ideal for many purposes.  The garden has a palapa space to sit under, and an area with trees provides a lovely natural outdoor space.

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