Teatro Luna Azul is proud to present:

Living Free in an Unfree World

The world is waking upA very special opportunity is coming to the Todos Santos/Pescadero community on Tuesday February 18. Kimberly and Foster Gamble, the creators of the Thrive movie, will be joining us at Teatro Luna Azul via a live skype presentation that we will project onto our screen. They will be informing us of the current updates of this new energy system, as well as answering questions in a live Q & A session at the end of their presentation. Their focus since making this movie has been on finding solutions and working with communities to bring people together with their own issues and solutions.

Hosting this presentation are two dynamic speakers, visionaries and authors – Happy Oasis and Johnny Liberty. They will discuss navigational choices to enhance personal freedom and individual sovereignty in these interesting times. Johnny Liberty is the author of the best-selling Global Sovereign’s Handbook.

If you know anything about the ‘free’ technologies that are so close to being accepted into our culture,  then you probably know about the movie ‘Thrive’. If you don’t know about it, than you should get yourself acquainted by watching the movie. (free download at thrivemovement.com) to better prepare you for this presentation.

Make sure you make it to this one and only presentation on Tuesday February 18 at Teatro Luna Azul. Doors open at 6:00. Tickets 100 pesos.  Presentation starts at 7pm.

Thrive take back you power

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