Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath

What is Cacao?

We take the cacao as a hot drink and is very grounding, healing, and heart opening. It heightens our energy, enhances meditation, and helps bring clarity and peace. Cacao carries ancient wisdom dating back to its origins of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Latin America. Today, Cacao is considered a superfood because of its abundance of antioxidants and minerals.

What is a Sound bath?

Sound bath is an ancient meditative practice that uses different instruments to create healing vibrations all around the body. The rhythmic wave patterns of the crystal singing bowls allow your brain to relax into its natural theta phase, boost your natural immune system, and open to receive the ultimate healing

The Facilitators – Mars & Livvy

:Mars is a visionary artist and musician with +7 years of experience sharing the medicine of cacao, and a background in healing music and visual arts. She finds excitement in designing beautiful, magical and transcendental experiences, based on restoring the nervous system, guiding through music and vibrations, Her purpose is to help raise the awakening of consciousness in the world.

Livvy is a ceremonialist, doula, energy healer and visionary who has facilitated numerous ceremonies, woman’s circles, group sessions and worked on many retreats internationally. Her main passion is to elevate consciousness and universal love.

Benefits of the Session. Sound healing is deeply beneficial for:

– Easing anxiety and depression

– Releasing energetic blocks, clearing stagnant energy

– Leaving you feeling rested, restored, and relaxed

What to bring

– Water, Yoga Mat, Blanket (optional)

Doors open at 5pm. Session starts at 5:30pm.

500 pesos

RSVP to let us know you are coming, so we know how much cacao to prepare

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