Free Your Voice Weekend Workshop

Yes we can sing!

Version 3                      

About the workshop:

In this weekend workshop we invite you on a beautiful journey to connect with yourself and others through chanting, vocal toning, improvisational games, sound journey, sound meditation, rhythm and breathing practice and of course singing.
In a sacred space we will explore ourselves through the power of our voice and its healing vibrations.
There are no limitations and no judgments. We will sing, but its not only about singing.  Its more about being in the moment to embrace whatever we feel and can give or receive.  Whatever comes up is beautiful and acceptable.
We’ll experience the feeling when sounds start to harmonize and create our own pieces of music through listening, the art of silence and then adding something to it, our own little piece of sound. And of course its about joy, the joy of singing together, the joy of playing and not taking things too serious.

About the place:
For those who don’t know, Teatro Luna Azul is a magical place. Its an open air theater close to the beach, where we will be accompanied by the sound of bamboo trees and a refreshing ocean breeze.

Please bring your yoga mat, pillow and blanket, and comfy clothes which enable movement and stretching.

To open the space and celebrate it, we invite everyone to bring an item for the altar we create. Whether it is some gift of nature like a feather, stone or personal totem,  or anything that you appreciate.

Fresh purified water, tea and some fruits will be provided during breaks.

For the Earthday celebration we invite you to join our potlock dinner and bring your favorite dish. This will be on Sunday after the workshop.   Also we invite you to bring your instruments (if you play) and medicine plants like natural tobacco or incenses like copal and sage for offering to the fire.

Friday April 20 – 4:30pm to 6pm  

Saturday April 21 – 2:30pm to 6pm

Sunday April 22 – 2:30pm to 6pm

Cost: $80us

Confirm and reserve your space at

Directions to Teatro Luna Azul – go to Contact Us on this website.


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