Amazing show!

Alice & Caterpillar (Saltzman)

Kudos to the cast and crew of

‘Alice Down the Rabbit Hole’

We are so grateful for the incredible feedback we received for our show ‘Alice’.  And so sad that we didn’t get to do them all.  Our actors had committed to be here for the published dates, and not all could wait another week.   We were able to video tape the show, so if you would like a copy please contact us.  For those who didn’t get to use their tickets, please contact us for  a refund.  Or you can use a ticket to get one of the video’s and then you will be able to see the show!

We have formed a group called Friends of Teatro Luna Azul, and we are committed to finding out why we are being stopped from putting on shows at our beautiful theater that was created for community events like this.  We have done everything the authorities asked,  jumped through many hoops, and still they want to stop us.  Our group is determined to get to the root cause of this problem and bring all the issues into the light so we can discuss and deal with them.

Contact us at if you would like to help in any way, or just stay informed.

Special thanks to Robert Saltzman for this incredible photo.


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